Drawing the Unspeakable: Sketching The System

Words often fall short in making sense of the complex and wicked problems of the world, especially when we need to collaborate and make sense of complexity across language and lived experiences. Live sketching helps us make sense of complex messes together. We pay attention to pictures and images differently than we listen to words, […]

Disrupting the Business Model of War

Can we Raise Awareness Toward Disrupting the Business Model of War? If we become aware of the interconnected systems and interests of political & planetary oppression, we can publicly speak to these issues, and disrupt their functions. We hold that the only truly sustainable world is flourishing – which is present when people, societies and […]

Designing Places & Spaces for New Learning

How might Youth Spaces in the education system support student goals and aspirations? What can we do better having learned from observing decades of Toronto‚Äôs alternative schools? How might we redesign an educational system that better serves all students and families in the city? A recent student project in Strategic Foresight & Innovation proposed a […]