Liberating Structures for Systemic Change

So, ” how DO you change the culture around here?” July’s DwD brought Liz Rykert of Meta Strategies together with the DwD community for an exploration of Liberating Structures, a powerful set of 33 self-organizing group engagement and process change methods. The goal of the session was for all participants to learn and acquire initial experience in […]

Barefoot Facilitation | Kate Sutherland

Author and facilitation expert Kate Sutherland presented Barefoot Facilitation at April’s DwD. Guided by appreciative interviews and dialogue questions, participants explored the landscape of facilitating where needs emerge, unbidden, for the benefit of groups and organizations we might serve. Humans are going through a massive transitional period. This “Great Turning” is calling for collective intelligence, […]

Visual Recording and Note-taking

Found some great resources at the Visual What 101 blog, including this webinar from SXSW 2010 that features Dave Gray: Visual Note-Taking 101 from SXSW 2010 View more webinars from Austin Kleon. Apparently this book is a great resource as well: Beyond Words: A Guide to Drawing Out Ideas by Milly Sonneman

Appreciative Inquiry Workshop

Dr. Doug Reid’s presentation on the facilitation method Appreciative Inquiry: Appreciative inquiry by Doug Reid – Design With Dialogue June 2010 View more presentations from Greg. Thanks to James Caldwell for posting a review of our June DwD session on his blog. James discusses our learning of Appreciative Inquiry… and the case study performed on OCAD […]