Designing a Future for our Future: Personal Foresight

Get ready for The Multiplicity. This workshop engaged participants to co-create multiple personal futures in large and small group collaboration. This social design experiment in personal foresight generated the creation of possible personal scenarios for the challenging next-future term possibilities. We started by creating a personal profile for the Low Tech Social Network. Communities listed […]

Play with Impact

Play with Impact May 2011 DwD was hosted by Zahra Ebrahim of the architecture and design think tank, archiTEXT. THE WORKSHOP “Play”….it’s the four-letter word that petrifies the establishment.  It’s messy, the process is different every time – as is the outcome – and yet, it remains the tool that best produces honest, creative, innovative, […]

Design Thinking…What is it really?

Even my mom is reading about “Design Thinking” in the newspaper, which means it’s gone mainstream. But aside from being a term that empowers designers to act in the business realm and vice versa….what does it REALLY mean? Who is doing an incredible job of defining it? Who is really doing it? Who can explain […]