Systems Thinking Ontario

We’re a transdisciplinary group of members from universities and communities across Southern Ontario. Our current events and schedule are kept current at Systems Thinking Ontario.   Future meetings are organized under WHEN AND WHERE, and the history is maintained under PAST MEETINGS.

Meetings are Third Wednesdays of every month (except December), at OCAD University’s Lambert Lounge, from 6:00 – 8:00. Always free (just register on Eventbrite) and held in an open discussion forum.

Toronto’s Systems Thinking Community

Our working definition of systems thinking is: understanding the world by exploring parts and wholes.  We do this by simultaneously and iteratively using analysis (what parts does this whole contain) and synthesis (which wholes contain this part).













Some related local systems thinking research and projects include:

Systems Thinking Ontario is a spin-off from the Design With Dialogue community.  The spirit of collaboration and open sharing aspires to the be same.  The format and audience may be a little different.