Wampums and Watersheds: On the Path of Restoration

HOW INDIGENOUS KNOWLEDGE IS THE BEST, PERHAPS ONLY HOPE FOR ADDRESSING CLIMATE CHANGE. May’s DwD explored a shared inquiry led by Kevin Best (Indigenize or Die, Friends of the Seventh Generation) in the indigenous style of a talking circle dialogue, with nearly 25 participants present.  The talking circle is ancient mode that respects the primacy […]

Futures of Journalism: Truth, Power, and Media

The Future(s) of Journalism dialogic workshop inquired into the problematics of three focal questions: How might we create insightful, enterprising, and investigative local journalism? How might we create a more diverse, relevant, and trustworthy journalism? Who holds the power and how can we distribute it evenly and democratize journalism so it can speak truth to […]

Itch: A Dialogue in Noise

January’s DwD hosted an interactive installation in OCAD’s main lobby, a space for encountering random and performed noise and meaning. Juxtaposed with the greatly-anticipated talks of Nick Cave and Ebony Patterson happening in the auditorium at the same time, our living installation offered a vibrant invitation to visitors in Toronto’s art community that were unable […]