Kaos Pilot Guide to Social Innovation

Design with Dialogue has hosted two Kaos Pilots in recent months, founder Uffe Elbaeck in October and Bruce Mau KP intern Jonas Skafte. We admit to being enchanted with their loosely-defined Chaordic project process and their action-oriented learning preference. In recent discussions I have asserted the Kaos Pilot program is one of the best design […]

Community Practices: Preparing for ChangeCamp

At January’s Design with Dialogue Mark Kuznicki and Daniel Rose of The Moment shared the essential principles and spirit of Peter Block’s book, Community – The Structure of Belonging.  Community presents Block’s theory and practices of neighbourhood development and provides guidelines for organizers to facilitate more effective community gatherings. We invited members of the DwD […]

Peter Block’s Community in Change Camp

Please join us for our first session in 2010, on creating positive social change through civic engagement in community. Our January session is presented by community member Daniel Rose of Omakase Group and Mark Kuznicki of ChangeCamp. What is the question that brings us together? An important event in Toronto in 2010 will be the […]

10 Must-Read Articles from HBR – Harvard Business Review

If you read nothing else, read these 10 articles from HBR’s most influential authors: 1) “Meeting the Challenge of Disruptive Change,” by Clayton M. Christensen and Michael Overdorf, explains why so few established companies innovate successfully. 2) “Competing on Analytics,” by Thomas H. Davenport, explains how to use data-collection technology and analysis to discern what […]