Evolving Community of Design with Dialogue

Design with Dialogue has evolved into a learning and practice community. The purpose of DwD was to create an ongoing venue for practice whereby we could develop established and emerging methods of dialogue and structured group engagement for community and social design. As the community has grown, we have a total group of about 150 […]

Moving from Dialogue to Action

When we convene dialogue for the purpose of understanding, can we also inform decisions and achieve outcomes? Can strategic dialogue – a process for informing decisions – also include open dialogue? Are they mutually opposed in practice?  How do we move from collective inquiry to decisive action? What are the conditions that grant authority to […]

ALIA’s Little Book of Practice

Download this book as soon as you read this. And then read the book at your leisure – the ALIA folks created a wonderful gift for energizing a culture of dialogue. From their website: The Little Book of Practice for Authentic Leadership in Action chronicles the principles, people, and practices that have come together to create […]

KaosPilots student applications now open

From the KaosPilots website: One person endowed with PASSION & PURPOSE can make an ENORMOUS DIFFERENCE , we are looking for 38. … Now consider spending three years of your life at a school located in Denmark… together with other highly motivated people who want to make a difference.

Exploring Positive Deviance

Erika Bailey spoke about the use of Positive Deviance as an organizational strategy in the University Health Network (UHN) for the control of MRSA and other superbugs. See her slides from the Nov 10 DwD (and her PD Handout pdf). Positive Deviance, Presentation at DwD by Erika Bailey From an interview with DR. Michael Gardam, UHN: […]