Conversations for Possibilities

And my Farewell to Toronto Dialogues. The November event may be the last DwD, as I will be moving from Toronto in January to join Tecnologico de Monterrey in their Faculty of Excellence. Perhaps Lambert Lounge will continue to be the central place for future workshops, as one of the many possibilities in our conversations […]

Awakening to Futures of Possibility

And Recovering a Culture of Listening About a dozen people convened in May for an inquiry into possibility as possible in our futures. The sense of a future horizon where anything is possible, where possibility itself draws us forth, will always be for humanity a powerful source of dasein, of being “able to be for […]

From Debate to Dialogue: Disrupting Conversation Paradigms

Through human connection in conversation, deeper levels of discovery are touched. Who are we? Who do we want to be as a society? How can I contribute?  Together we will interact through a tool designed to hold space for paradoxical viewpoints, giving opportunity for insights missed in conversational competition to arise. What are the roots […]