Innovate or Dinosaur! Serious Play for Innovation.

September’s DwD explored the new board game (launched this week) by Traction Strategy, cheekily called Innovate or Dinosaur!  A truly collaborative innovation game, the playful approach helps teams generate and test new ideas, create a path to assess and implement them, and builds the capacity for organizations to “innovate everyday”. Played by teams of 4 […]

Going Deep with Social Presencing Theatre

Going Deep: Exploring Social Presencing Theatre Words alone fall short for understanding each other. What if we could stop the chatter and act out and move through our meanings instead? What new awareness and shifts in thinking are possible when we bring our physical awareness to the conversation?  How might we expand our capacity for […]

Homo Ludens – The Playing Body

An exploration of our physical relationship to media technology October’s DwD session was hosted by Antje Budde of the Centre for Drama, Theatre and Performance Studiesat the University of Toronto, affiliated with and inspired by the exhibition “SPLICE: At the Intersection of Art and Medicine” curated by KMDI Fellow and international artist Nina Czegledy.   […]