Barefoot Facilitation | Kate Sutherland

Author and facilitation expert Kate Sutherland presented Barefoot Facilitation at April’s DwD. Guided by appreciative interviews and dialogue questions, participants explored the landscape of facilitating where needs emerge, unbidden, for the benefit of groups and organizations we might serve. Humans are going through a massive transitional period. This “Great Turning” is calling for collective intelligence, […]

On Building Culture through Participatory Design

Guest post by Leah Snyder of Mixed Bag Mag When Gelareh Saadatpajouh, Programs Coordinator at Toronto Design Offsite set out to facilitate Design with Dialogue’s TO DO session she decided to have our group explore, as she puts it: “Design processes, where plurality of indeterminate factors is approached together and in an ongoing manner, and […]

Building Culture through Participatory Design

What design practices facilitate the creation of culture? How do we build culture in a durable, intentional way? How do we learn and teach from design process itself? How have we learned to improvise or hack design practices so that we personalize design thinking with our own experience? How might we build on each other’s […]

Masters Workshop: The Reinvention of Civilization

The Reinvention of Civilization : Our Historical Opportunity to Innovate Everything The Reinvention of Civilization is an ideological shift in what constitutes the center of history. Such an invention comes about because of a change in awareness, which provides movement from a single locus of imagination and the knowledge it evokes, to an awareness of […]