Are We Transdisciplinary Yet?

Bridging Landscapes of Understanding We often claim innovation requires transdisciplinary learning – But is that so? Or is it still an aspiration? Where are we not transdisciplinary? Are we mistaking inter or multi for trans? (Why it matters) How might we structure transdisciplinary deep listening  and progress towards constructive dialogue? How do we bridge different […]

Wampums and Watersheds: On the Path of Restoration

HOW INDIGENOUS KNOWLEDGE IS THE BEST, PERHAPS ONLY HOPE FOR ADDRESSING CLIMATE CHANGE. May’s DwD explored a shared inquiry led by Kevin Best (Indigenize or Die, Friends of the Seventh Generation) in the indigenous style of a talking circle dialogue, with nearly 25 participants present.  The talking circle is ancient mode that respects the primacy […]

Futures of Journalism: Truth, Power, and Media

The Future(s) of Journalism dialogic workshop inquired into the problematics of three focal questions: How might we create insightful, enterprising, and investigative local journalism? How might we create a more diverse, relevant, and trustworthy journalism? Who holds the power and how can we distribute it evenly and democratize journalism so it can speak truth to […]

Grounding Practices that Enable Emergence in Dialogue

Design and engagement practitioners have adopted mindfulness approaches to large group participation recently, that help participants move from “heady” intellectual interactions to more embodied states of presence and awareness. Perhaps the most well-known approach is that of Theory U (Presencing), which has been applied in a huge range of process contexts, including in the 2015 […]