Making a Meaningful Living (Embodied mapping)

Exploring your own future of work Stephen Sillett presented the July 18th workshop to explore the meaning of work through the Map of Meaningful Life. The purpose and meaning of work is an ongoing question and inquiry that is constantly in our experience in a postmodern society. When the purposes of work have changed, the […]

Personal Life Cycles, the Seasons of Being

The June DwD was the evening before Summer Solstice, and Peter presented a personal foresight practice one of his close friends and teachers, the masterful life coach Toni Stone, who died three years ago in August. Toni was a New England sage who developed a lifetime body of work on personal and spiritual prosperity, and […]

Dialogue: At the Intersections of Power

In this session we initiated an inquiry into power relations as experienced, as observed in social structures, and as expressed in a variety of forms. Taking an open (inductive) approach with the Talking Circle approach, the first dialogue explored the individual experience of power in everyday life. In the second dialogue we continued with a […]