Design Thinking…What is it really?

Even my mom is reading about “Design Thinking” in the newspaper, which means it’s gone mainstream. But aside from being a term that empowers designers to act in the business realm and vice versa….what does it REALLY mean? Who is doing an incredible job of defining it? Who is really doing it? Who can explain […]

Canadian Water Innovation Lab 2010

Waterlution is planning the Canadian Water Innovation Lab 2010 for October 18-24. They are seeking both participants age 18-35 and facilitators of all ages. The event is billed as “a once-in-a-lifetime learning event that will turn…into concrete actions to protect our most precious natural resource: water.

April DwD session: 04.07.10

The April 14 session will explore the approach of viewing a problem from multiple defined perspectives to expand the possible solution space. HOMEWORK: ‚Ä®Participants should come prepared with a personally significant challenge from their work so that we can unpack issues that really matter. This might be a strategic question, a client problem, an organizational […]