KaosPilots student applications now open

From the KaosPilots website: One person endowed with PASSION & PURPOSE can make an ENORMOUS DIFFERENCE , we are looking for 38. … Now consider spending three years of your life at a school located in Denmark… together with other highly motivated people who want to make a difference.

Exploring Positive Deviance

Erika Bailey spoke about the use of Positive Deviance as an organizational strategy in the University Health Network (UHN) for the control of MRSA and other superbugs. See her slides from the Nov 10 DwD (and her PD Handout pdf). Positive Deviance, Presentation at DwD by Erika Bailey From an interview with DR. Michael Gardam, UHN: […]

Dotmocracy: Large Group Decision Making

September’s session on large group decision making was hosted by Jason Diceman, Senior Public Consultation Coordinator for the City of Toronto and author of the Dotmocracy Handbook. Dotmocracy Workshop Sept 8 2010 View more presentations from Jason Diceman. Dotmocracy is a transparent, equal opportunity, and participatory large group decision-making tool. It is a simple method for recognizing […]

Visual Recording and Note-taking

Found some great resources at the Visual What 101 blog, including this webinar from SXSW 2010 that features Dave Gray: Visual Note-Taking 101 from SXSW 2010 View more webinars from Austin Kleon. Apparently this book is a great resource as well: Beyond Words: A Guide to Drawing Out Ideas by Milly Sonneman