In Full Bloom: A summer story-share workshop

The August DwD was hosted by Greg Judelman of The Moment,  outdoors at Grange Park. August is the time of year when nature is in its fullest bloom. The sun burns hottest, the plants are at their highest, fruits ripen on their trees, and butterflies and birds are fluttering everywhere. In that spirit we’ll explore our own personal […]

Designing a ‘Whealthy’ Life

How can I gain confidence that the choices I make will allow me to thrive? What implications do my choices have for myself and my community? In October’s DwD, Eric Rosenberg shared how concepts from financial asset management might craft a broader ‘human portfolio’. We investigated the principles and practices of ‘value investing’ and its […]

Drumming with Dialogue

MUSICAL DIALOGUES: Listening and Speaking with Percussion DwD’s “Barefoot Edition” summer workshop hosted an interactive drumming and dialogue workshop  for exploring the primacy of musical rhythm as communication and mindfulness. With over 20 drums and a wide assortment of percussion, guest leader Terri Segal guided a group of 18 in learning the West African djembe […]

Play with Impact

Play with Impact May 2011 DwD was hosted by Zahra Ebrahim of the architecture and design think tank, archiTEXT. THE WORKSHOP “Play”….it’s the four-letter word that petrifies the establishment.  It’s messy, the process is different every time – as is the outcome – and yet, it remains the tool that best produces honest, creative, innovative, […]