Bodystorming Toronto

Design with Dialogue invites OCAD and design community participants to a special session welcoming Dennis Schleicher, Director of User Experience for Sears, to Toronto Tuesday March 23 from 7-9:00 p.m. This interim (DwI) event was just made possible by Dennis’ willingness to participate with us again in Toronto, and on this occasion to engage graduate […]

Shifting particles: TheStoreFront Community experiment

My view of life has altered dramatically after an attempt to break the rules and sneak up to stardom. I suppose stardom is my word choice because I wanted to get back at someone, some people, some idea of doubt. Not that I doubted myself, no, doubt was all around me and that’s what made […]

March DwD Session: 3.10.10

March Design with Dialogue explores the purposes and styles of conversation in organized planning and design situations. Ryan Coleman presents concepts from the Focused Conversation method, a process formulated and taught by Institute of Cultural Affairs. We explore a group conversation using the method, and explore the extension of FC with visual reflection, in large […]

Hosting the Chaordic Organization

Toke Moller of the The Art of Hosting community recently posted a link to the Art of Hosting in chaordic design process.  A picture of the process, nearly identical to the Kaos Pilot project model, is found on the Chaordic site and linked here.  A full description of the process is provided on The […]

Kaos Pilot Guide to Social Innovation

Design with Dialogue has hosted two Kaos Pilots in recent months, founder Uffe Elbaeck in October and Bruce Mau KP intern Jonas Skafte. We admit to being enchanted with their loosely-defined Chaordic project process and their action-oriented learning preference. In recent discussions I have asserted the Kaos Pilot program is one of the best design […]