Discovering Your “Why”

Oct 9, 2013 Guest host Stephen Shedletzky led a full house for the October 2013 DwD.  The session convened on a simple and powerful idea: “Our “Why” is our cause, purpose or belief that guides our every thought, action and behaviour. All individuals have one Why, as do organizations. The challenge is that our Why […]

Going Deep with Social Presencing Theatre

Going Deep: Exploring Social Presencing Theatre Words alone fall short for understanding each other. What if we could stop the chatter and act out and move through our meanings instead? What new awareness and shifts in thinking are possible when we bring our physical awareness to the conversation?  How might we expand our capacity for […]

SmartTalk : Engagement for the PanAm Games

How might we deeply connect the PanAm Games to our communities to ensure social innovation and economic impact? Pam Purves led the June DwD workshop to produce guidance and insight for the upcoming PanAm Games through creative citizen engagement.  The group identified how various communities within the GTA could contribute to the overall short and […]