Dialogue Strategies in Public Engagement: Is More Better?

  • Who is and where is your community, that you care about? Do you have the conversations there you would like to learn from?
  • How might you bring a practice, a clearing to open dialogues in your communities?
  • What are the most appropriate dialogue methods to fit different contexts?
  • How might we build working knowledge and bring spaces for dialogue into the world?

For over ten years the Design with Dialogue community of practice has held creative engagements across many contexts and approaches. For much of this period, a core group has held the centre of practice and defined the character, and perhaps the constraints, of this practice community. DwD has created a non-proprietary public, accessible practice oriented to designers, organizational and public deliberation practitioners. A primary mission has been to provide a ground for OCADU Strategic Foresight & Innovation learners to build skill, personal awareness and embodied learning for bringing creative, design dialogues to public and organizational engagement.

We are often unable to explore the issues and experiences involved in dialogue practice within the press of the typical course structure. Many other peripheral practitioners in the DwD community might find this practice gap in their experience as well. DwD uniquely provides a real setting for learning and practice while providing a welcoming. yet often intense space for bringing one’s own contributions forward.

The intention of the session is to co-create a place for individuals to acknowledge and develop a personal practice for creative public engagement. While we will not teach specific facilitation skills (in this session) we will aim to develop:

  • A common ground to embrace practices, to recognize forms of public participation, so that we can share a common language about engagement.
  • A deeper understanding of dialogue and coordinating group dialogues with stakeholders and communities.
  • Learning from the reflective experience of others in the practice community, with time for dialogue about practice.