From Debate to Dialogue: Disrupting Conversation Paradigms

Through human connection in conversation, deeper levels of discovery are touched.

  • Who are we?
  • Who do we want to be as a society?
  • How can I contribute? 

Together we will interact through a tool designed to hold space for paradoxical viewpoints, giving opportunity for insights missed in conversational competition to arise.

What are the roots of conversational disconnect?

How might a structured tool for intentional communication enable dialogue outcomes which emerge our collective opinions on the matters which may divide us?

In a moment of polarization and divide, dialogue might be one of our most accessible, inclusive tools for learning, co-creating and collaborating.

August’s DwD is presented by three OCADU Strategic Foresight & Innovation MDes grads and students, and integrates work developed from their research and practice. Drawing from the practices of non-violent communication, U Theory, compassionate inquiry and Integral Theory we move through the basics of dialogue with theoretical content while using the framework to uncover and practice what habits need to be destroyed, and what habits need to be created for good dialogue between these viewpoints.

This tool was first used as part of Jenny Whyte’s SFI research to facilitate communication for strategic collaboration. Currently branded, “Sum of Its Parts” the tool builds on the framework of Integral Theory to ensure a holistic investigation of a problem set allowing all voices and perspectives to emerge through conversation.

Through a deeper connection to self and others personal truths, we will build awareness of one’s ability to impact collaboration through effective conversational habits and reach insights that can only emerge through the added lenses of unique individual perspectives.

Workshop facilitators: Tieni Meninato, Jananda Lima and Jenny Whyte are looking to empower individuals and inspire spiritual and cultural change which ripples from the inside