Going Deep with Social Presencing Theatre

Going Deep: Exploring Social Presencing Theatre

Words alone fall short for understanding each other. What if we could stop the chatter and act out and move through our meanings instead? What new awareness and shifts in thinking are possible when we bring our physical awareness to the conversation?  How might we expand our capacity for reflection, empathy, and mindfulness by playing out in a group experiences?

Social Presencing Theatre creates a shared experience through storytelling, deep physical awareness, and movement.  SPT brings together tools from dance and theatre, mindfulness, and dialogue. Based on Otto Scharmer’s Theory U and the work of Arawana Hayashi, SPT offers accessible tools to enable a community to see itself and create what might be.


July’s DwD experimented with theatre games and nonverbal gestural dialogue to co-create experiences of possible future aspirations and feelings. Expressed as co-constructed tableaus in small groups, participants reimagined future scenarios as movement and structure of physical presences.

The session was planned and led by Patricia Kambitsch (Playthink) and Heidi Madsen of Columbus, with members of the SPT community of practice.