SmartTalk : Engagement for the PanAm Games

How might we deeply connect the PanAm Games to our communities to ensure social innovation and economic impact?

Pam Purves led the June DwD workshop to produce guidance and insight for the upcoming PanAm Games through creative citizen engagement.  The group identified how various communities within the GTA could contribute to the overall short and long-term benefits of the Games.  The workshop addressed the following impact issues:

  • Legacy value of facilities. No facilities are purpose built for the games – communities are being asked to submit proposals for ongoing uses of the built infrastructure.
  • “Ignite” response – “Ignite” is a community engagement program fro the Games (see below)
  • Arts and culture alignment for diversification. We will demonstrate the cultural diversity of the GTA through the engagement of different arts and cultural groups
  • Economic impact of the Games.

 Pam coordinated the production of a Report on the DwD workshop as a deliverable of the session.


Participants learned smartTalk through participation in the workshop, a strategic dialogue method developed by Pam Purves.

smartTalk is a consultative method that has been designed to encourage collaboration, creative thinking and the co-creation of solutions or recommendations.  It is multi-disciplinary in structure.  It begins with opinion gathering and works through the negotiation of solutions and the design of a set of recommendations and action steps. Because it is multi-disciplinary, it exposes participants to a variety of points-of-view and values resulting in fresh thinking and lasting outcomes.


 Pam Purves,  Principal, PLA Strategic

Pam is a strategic marketing and communications consultant whose practice includes national and international clients in the public policy, health care, business and financial services sectors.

Pam Purves

In 2000, she started PLA Strategic,Dersity of Guelph and is a fine art photographer.  She has exhibited her work in Toronto and Caledon, Canada, Nevis W.I., Asolo, Italy and Port Medway, Nova Scotia.



The IGNITE program is a community partnership enabling individuals, organizations and communities to be associated with the Toronto 2015 PanAm Games, and hopes to encompass the projects and events inspired by the Games coming to the region. IGNITE aims to engage the region to connect together to build excitement around the Games, invoke pride within the region and leave a positive legacy.