In Full Bloom: A summer story-share workshop

The August DwD was hosted by Greg Judelman of The Moment,  outdoors at Grange Park.

August is the time of year when nature is in its fullest bloom. The sun burns hottest, the plants are at their highest, fruits ripen on their trees, and butterflies and birds are fluttering everywhere. In that spirit we’ll explore our own personal capacity to be in full bloom. We will share our personal stories of moments in our lives when we felt most energized, most full, most expansive. What did that feel like? What does that suggest about what we need to bring in, notice or celebrate in our lives?

Thanks to master story-facilitator Mary-Alice Arthur for her inspiration and collaboration on this session.


Greg Judelman is a facilitator, designer and innovation consultant based in Toronto. Through his firm The Moment, he works with the conceptualization and facilitation of collaborative design workshops and innovation processes for organizational and community transformation. From 2006-2011 he was a senior designer at the globally recognized Bruce Mau Design, where he led creative teams on identity, web, experience and strategy projects for clients ranging from not-for-profits to universities to public associations to multinational corporations.