Drumming with Dialogue

MUSICAL DIALOGUES: Listening and Speaking with Percussion

DwD’s “Barefoot Edition” summer workshop hosted an interactive drumming and dialogue workshop¬† for exploring the primacy of musical rhythm as communication and mindfulness.

With over 20 drums and a wide assortment of percussion, guest leader Terri Segal guided a group of 18 in learning the West African djembe and other percussion as extensions of voice and conversation.

Drumming with Dialogue from Peter Jones on Vimeo.

Terri Segal is an Expressive Arts Therapist, Facilitator, and Educator who is dedicated to sharing the therapeutic value of creative expression through Group Drumming and Expressive Arts workshops. Through her business, Rhythmic by Nature, Terri facilitates Group Drumming Programs at schools, social service agencies, and for small and large businesses for the purpose of team-building, wellness, recreation, and education. In her innovative, fun, and memorable workshops, Terri focuses on how the process of music-making can enlighten her clients in areas of communication, stress management, and inter-personal dynamics.

Please join us on second Wednesdays, monthly. If you are interested in sponsoring a session, please contact one of the organizers, Peter or Greg.