Masters Workshop: The Reinvention of Civilization

The Reinvention of Civilization : Our Historical Opportunity to Innovate Everything

The Reinvention of Civilization is an ideological shift in what constitutes the center of history. Such an invention comes about because of a change in awareness, which provides movement from a single locus of imagination and the knowledge it evokes, to an awareness of simultaneous, multiple, yet sovereign centers of history. This shift in the source of the imagination that constitutes knowledge brings a revolutionary matrix of history into existence.

In this workshop Yogiraj Charles Bates modeled his commitment to serve all sentient beings with four modes of cocreation:
Designing in system inquiry
(‘We’ can Relate, From Me to We),
Innovation (The 10th Dot®)
Reinvention endeavors (The Reinvention of Civilization) and
New leadership (Integrity and The Fourth View).

A collaborative dialogic process (Sacred Dialogues) provided a practicum format to demonstrate the expression of ideas. The workshop was an early-stage participatory experience, with a developmental and transformational intent. Yogiraj said “Anyone contributing to creating sustainable models that seek to benefit humanity will be supported by this workshop.”

This was Yogiraj’s first workshop in the Masters series.  A companion workshop ‘We’ Can Relate, was held Saturday April 30, 2011 at the Redesign studio.

I will add  that Yogiraj Charles was a friend, a coach, and a collaborator for several years. He was many years ahead of the spiritual and societal innovations advanced even today. Yogiraj died of an iatrogenic (hospital-acquired) complication of surgery involving a head injury, from a preventable but undetected thrombosis that resulted in a pulmonary embolism. He died just over a year after these workshops, and never returned to Toronto.