Facilitation of Positive Deviance

We are now holding sessions in the Lambert Lounge, room 187 at OCAD’s main building, 100 McCaul St. We’re right next door to the OCAD auditorium.
This month’s session only will be 7pm so folks can attend the Torch lecture next door in the auditorium if they like.


DwD is the same time 6-9, second Wednesdays of every month.

The DwD session will introduce the principles and the practices of PD, and will invite all attendees to try out the PD tools and consider applications in their own communities.

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Facilitated by Erika Bailey:  Human Systems Consultant with a decade of facilitation and teaching experience. Her extensive expertise and practical skill in leadership, individual and organizational change, and organizational development (OD), her impressive academic background, and her proven skill in designing/facilitating large and small group processes has made her an in-demand facilitator in engagement projects across the GTA. Erika is a coach in the Canadian Positive Deviance Project and is a faculty member of the Safer Healthcare Now! New Approach to Controlling Superbugs Initiatives.