Designing for Play – How to Play your Work | DwD 03.08.17

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  • How do we play in and at work?
  • Can we create play in our work, as individuals and teams?
  • How might we help our organizations value the benefits of, and create the conditions in which play can thrive?

Our March workshop is based on Farzad Sedghipour’s Strategic Foresight & Innovation project,  Play to Perform: Why Play is the Future of Work

Play is one of life’s top motivators, it is fundamentally collaborative, and we have to play in creative work. You’ll learn the science behind the importance of finding play in our work, and play to learn the concepts.

How did you once play as a child?  What is your play archetype?  And how can you find more play in your daily work activities?

We explore play at 3 levels: Individual, Team, and Organization.  We ideate ways you can set up a safe space for collaborative play at work.  What can you do in your team environment to create a space (physically and culturally) wherein you and your colleagues can get cover to take risks and get more authentic play in your work? What barriers might you face in nurturing a more play-led culture at work? And how might you be able to overcome these barriers with your team?

Can we measure the ROI of play at the organizational level?  Play helps us better adapt to change, something we rarely measure.  How can we better assess play’s positive impacts on: engagement, employee retention, new collaborations, idea generation, prototyping, reduced workplace anxiety, an so on?

We hope to help you derive more meaningful experiences out of your day-to-day work life, and develop a career that is more creative, collaborative, and fun!

Join us Wednesday March 8, 6:15 – 9:00 at OCAD’s main auditorium (190).



Farzad is an economist and a futurist who is passionate about strategy and organizational design, play, and the future or work.  He thinks systematically and behaviourally to help clients find innovation opportunities between diverse values and interests. Farzad’s past experiences include 8-years’ leading economic research, organizational development and business design, and strategic-foresight projects for the private and public sector. He holds a M.A. in Economics & Finance and a MDes in Strategic Foresight & Innovation.