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What is Co-production?

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What is Co-production? How do we make it happen in our communities?

The May 2013 DwD was presented by Satsuko vanAntwerp and Lucie Stephens at the new location of The Moment.  The workshop presented the context of citizen co-creation of services at the community level.

We are the public and therefore all public services are of our making, our legacy, and our experience. However, the complex challenges the world faces right now – changing demographics, fiscal reductions, environmental collapse, growing inequality – are straining these services and pushing us to question how we act, organize and respond as citizens and communities.

Co-creation and co-production offers a new perspective that values the vital resources already present within the system – the skills and resources held by citizens and communities in and around public services. The dialogue session explored the questions of:

  • What is our role as citizens in making services more effective, efficient and sustainable?
  • What would it take to make better use of wider resources in community and see all citizens as assets?
  • How might we grow our social networks and rethink our capacity to lead change within our community?


Live sketchnotes at the event by Playthink



Lucie Stephens is the Head of Co-production in the Social Policy team at nef (the new economics foundation). Her work aims to increase the amount of co-production taking place in public services in the UK and overseas. Lucie supports people to develop their co-production practice, documents examples and develops the theory of co-production, sharing learning and auditing existing activity.  She works with people in communities, charities and third sector organisations, policy makers and people designing and delivering public services. Lucie’s publications on co-production include: The Co-production ManifestoPublic Services Inside Out and The New Wealth of Time.

Satsuko VanAntwerp is the Manager of Social Innovation at Social Innovation Generation (SiG). Her work aims to create legitimacy and structure for the nascent field of laboratories for social change and to incentivize collaboration among lab practitioners. Prior to joining SiG, Satsuko participated in a work-term on co-production with Denmark’s MindLab and assisted with the paper: Designing For Co-Production: Discovering New Business Models For Public Services. Satsuko holds an MBA in Social Entrepreneurship and is an avid blogger on social innovation and systemic change at Think Thrice.